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Dave Witbeck – 10 Week Transformation Challenge Winner

10 Week Transformation challenge winner, Dave Witbeck stopped by iThinkFit the gym while he was in town to say Hi and meet trainers Sean Harley, Heath Murray, and Kyle Rasmussen. Dave won our most recent 10 week transformation challenge and pocketed himself a $1,000 for his dedication. Dave sacraficed a lot during the 10 weeks but it all paid off in the end for him!

Dave is now another iThinkFit.com success story! He dropping his body fat from 22% to 6.8% in a few short months.

Thanks Dave and congratulations on your accomplishments.

Matt Butler – Spring 2011 Overall Transformation Challenge Winner

Spring 2011 Overall Transformation Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Matt Butler, Matt lost 8.5% body fat, gained 1/2 inch on his arms, lost 3 inches on his waist, lost 2 inches off his hips, and gained 1 inch on his thighs.

Michelle Higgins – 2011 Spring Transformation Challenge Winner (Online)

Congratulations to Michelle Higgins, She made the best improvement between our online members, However her husband Matthew Higgins was right behind her with a good transformation as well!

Michelle Lost 3lbs, lost 7% body fat, lost just over two inches on her arms, lost 3 inches on her stomach, and lost 1.5 inches on her hips.

Erik Negrete – iThinkFit’s Fall 2011 Body Transformation Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to Erik Negrete, he was our fall 2010 Body Transformation Challenge winner. Since he was crowned winner in December 2010, he has continued to work very hard losing another 31 lbs brining his total fat loss to 111 Lbs in just under 6 months.

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me over the past 6 months. The results that I have achieved are above and beyond my expectations! Without you pushing me, none of this would have been possible. Thank you sooo much!”-Erik

Jason Patterson, 30

“I have been involved in a gym for many years.  I did the typical weight lifting routine like many guys do that do not know what they are doing.  My diet plan was a wreck.  I eventually started getting frustrated because I knew my goal but I was unsure how to get there.  And then I discovered ithinkfit.  ithinkfit provided me with the recipe to reach those goals by creating a workout routine and nutritional plan specifically tailored to meet my goals.  Since implementing this nutritional and weight training plan into my life, I have watched my body transform and I have not looked back (well, only to glance at some “before” pics).  I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been.  My body fat went from double to single digits.  I feel better than ever!  Everyone at ithinkfit is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  They answer all of my questions regarding weight training and nutrition.  There is no doubt that these guys are the best in the business.  Joining ithinkfit is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!  Many thanks to you, ithinkfit.”

Playmate Jordan Monroe – Miss October, 2006

“I have been working out on my own for several years, but iThinkFit was able to teach me routines and techniques I have never seen before. Within the first four weeks I lost 15 pounds and noticed a drastic changed in my body, it was toned and more lean. As a playmate I have to keep my body camera ready at all times and working out with iThinkFit allows me to stay at the top of my game. Unlike before I am now motivated to workout and I ONLY workout with iThinkFit. They have made a difference in my body and mind, I couldn’t ask for more than that from a trainer!”

Greg Dasenbrock, 49

“Like many folks, I tried for years to watch my diet and become “fit” on my own, although for me it wasn’t always about just looking good, it went deeper then that. At age 42, I was diagnosed a “borderline” Type II diabetic. I just couldn’t seem to get it together and was worried I may have to be on medications to help control my blood sugars for the rest of my life. In fact going into 2009 I was put on an increased dosage, so that’s when I did something about it. In November 2009 I decided to try IThinkFitGym to get back in shape. For the next 10 weeks I worked with Sean, Heath and Kyle on getting stronger by attending their Olympius classes three nights per week. At the 10 week mark I had an appointment for routine lab work; the results could not have been better! All of my lab work came back and words like “Optimum score” and “Perfect” were used to describe the results. In addition, the dosages I had been taking were cut in half! My Doctor was VERY impressed I had dropped 20lbs and 20% body fat over that 10 week period!

He asked that I share with him my “secret”… Self imposed diet changes, and of course the great gains in strength, stamina and my overall health and happiness were the direct result of my new association with IThinkFitGym. Since January’s visit I continued to work closely with Sean, Heath and Kyle tweaking my routine and added the online functionality (IThinkFit.com) to help track my nutrition…My recent Doctor’s appointment was even better than the previous one in January.

I am now officially off all diabetic medications! Needless to say my Doctor was extremely impressed and will be using my case to help with his other patients. One last note, if I can turn this around at 50 years old, so can you!

I “think fit”!

Do you?”

Connie Davison, 53

“Before I began working out with Sean I had cardiac, diabetic, and blood pressure issues.  The cardiac situation was so serious that it required bypass surgery.  The diabetic condition was continuing to get more dangerous as the years crept by.”

“Finally, a friend of mine helped me realize the importance of getting individualized, professional assistance and accountability. I can’t even put into words the effects that Sean’s training has had on my life.  I’ve learned to become more accountable to myself, I have more energy, and my blood sugar is back to normal.  I’ve even gotten off of my prescription medications for my blood pressure!  The results have been so dramatic that I’ve been dismissed by my cardioligist!  I havn’t even mentioned the strength and self-confidence that I experiance in my day to day life.”

Debbie Leach, 53

“I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that I am working with Heath!  It has literally changed my life!  Before I began working out with Heath I was what you would consider a skinny-fat person.  I looked thin.  I was 5’5″, 136 pounds, but I was a whopping 34% body fat, which is considered obese.   I also was unhappy with the way I looked in the mirror because I was flabby and had no muscle tone.  Not only that, but my energy levels were rock bottom.  With Heath’s program, I am a new woman!  I now weigh 117 pounds with only 22% body fat!  I have dropped from a size 8 to a size 2 and I look great, feel strong and have more energy and self-confidence than I have ever had in my entire life!  I will never go anywhere else for workout advice because Heath and ithinkfit.com have programs that work!”