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iThinkFit Diet Plan


GET RESULTS FASTER, ADD A MEAL PLAN!  A nutrition plan designed to help YOUR body meet YOUR goals.



The iThinkFit Diet Plan

It’s been said that your diet accounts for 75% of your results. You’ve got the workouts, now make that hard work pay off by eating the right foods in the right amounts. Our nutrition plans will have your body changing right before your eyes!

  • A diet designed to help YOUR body meet YOUR goals
  • A food substitution list to help make the diet fit your likes and lifestyle and add variety.
  • Available for any goal whether you want to shred fat or bulk up.
  • Realistic, good tasting food (not just chicken and broccoli 5 times a day).
  • Shows the exact quantities of each food.
  • Shows the macro nutrient breakdown of each food.



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