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Sean Harley CPT, NCSF

As a fitness model, Sean has been featured in many workout magazines and has graced the covers of international publications. As the owner of a supplement franchise, Sean has consulted many people on supplementation and nutrition for weight loss, and muscle growth, as well as overall health. Now, as a certified personal trainer and a member of the National Council on Strength and Fitness, Sean is helping beginners as well as others looking to take their physique to the next level, to reach their goals and transform their bodies! Being a former college athlete and training side by side with other fitness models and even professional body-builders has given Sean insight on how to achieve amazing results through exercise and nutrition. Now Sean is here to share all of his insights, advice, and secrets with you!

Heath Michael Murray B.A. FSM, C.E., CPT

Heath has been personal training for nearly a decade now and has used a variety of tools to help his clients meet their goals. Heath has worked with all types of people with all types of goals. Over the years, Heath has helped his clients lose countless pounds of body fat, gain serious amounts of muscle weight, and has helped athletes make the leap from high school to college and even from college to pro. Heath, a former college athlete with a bachelors degree in fitness as well as his coaching endrosement, has worked with several professional athletes and is currently working with several Division I and Division II athletes! Heath has also conducted seminars on how to train and eat properly. Representing a supplement chain for the last 10 years has also helped give Heath the knowledge he needs to help his clients get better results faster with proper diet and supplementation! All of this is why he is one of the busiest trainers in the country!