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Welcome to Rock Solid Training, if you’re reading this then you’ve decided to make the journey to a better you.

Our combined years of experience and expertise in transforming lives has given us the opportunity to work with thousands of people just like you, we are here to help you go confidently in the direction of your dream body. We believe everyone has it in them to have not only aesthetics, but a healthy body as well that will carry them for the rest of their years; it just takes someone to believe in them. We’re here for you because we believe in you.

RockSolidTraining.com Online Personal Training

Complete Body Transformation!

What is Rock Solid TrainingRockSolidTraining.com is where people go for professional fitness assistance to attain the body they have always dreamed of. Do you want to lose weight? You Will! Do you want to gain muscle mass? We have the program. Are you unhappy with your current lifestyle? Do you wish you were thinner, stronger, or looked better? Why wait, let renowned personal trainer Heath Murray and fitness pro Sean Harley show you how to look and feel better in the shortest amount of time possible! It doesn’t matter what your gender, age, or activity level is, Sean and Heath will design a fitness program specifically for you that outlines resistance training, cardio, and proper supplementation, everything you need to achieve your goals. With your RockSolidTraining.com membership you will receive:

  • Online messaging with us 24/7 allowing you to ask us any of your fitness related questions, just as you would do with a one on one trainer. Online messaging provides motivation, accountability and results, guaranteed!

  • Your own personal profile page on our app where you can upload your picture and keep track of your workouts as well as receive your daily workouts.

  • personalized workout plan built for you designed for you to meet your goals in the shortest time possible, which you can view in the app while you’re at the gym, or print your workouts out and take them with you.

  • A easy to use digital log to track your exercise weights and progress during your workout.

  • Video demonstrations of exercises complete with tips and descriptions so that you learn the little secrets to make each exercise extremely effective.

  • Smart, effective, and healthy nutrition plan that uses powerful scientific principles and is designed specifically for your body to meet your goals.

  • Access to Sean Harley’s Private FaceBook Group to get more interaction, information, and motivation.

  • Monthly or weekly check-ins to keep us aware of your progress and so that we can adjust your diet as your body changes.

  • Some memberships even have free supplements, and personal test access and a monthly Skype session with Sean Harley so that you have all of the tools you need to make huge changes!

Each and every Rock Solid Training member receives personalized attention and accountability directly from us through our private online message board, so that the results are FASTER! Unlike other personal trainer sites where you never actually meet or talk with your trainer, which more then likely is a computer, Sean and Heath will interact with you directly through every step of the process. As your trainers, they will personally design a plan that is customized for you and your goals. They will be there along the way to help you overcome any obstacles and answer any questions that may arise during your journey to transform your body. Sean and Heath live the Rock Solid lifestyle and they will help you to live it as well! So why wait, for this amazing price, what do you have to lose..but fat?

Join the Rock Solid Training team today, and start looking and feeling better tomorrow!


We believe that a true transformation is not just the physical shell on the outside. The mind itself must break free from old ways of thinking and habits that have previously held it back up to this point. After all, “What you think you become.”


We believe that fitness should be a part of everyone’s life. That’s why we made our online program and support affordable to everyone.  With Rock Solid Training you are receiving an entire month of personal training and support from the industries best for less than your local trainer would charge for 2 sessions.


We will design a fitness program specifically for you that outlines resistance training, cardio, and proper nutrition; EVERYTHING you need to achieve your goals. Along with your training, cardio and nutrition, we understand ongoing support and knowledge is an integral part of your success. Therefore Rock Solid Training members will receive EXCLUSIVE access to; instructional videos, 24/7 online messaging, a private FaceBook group and MORE!